Welcome to the International QSAR School

The International QSAR Foundation is pleased to announce an online training program in QSAR methods and the QSAR Application Toolbox being developed by OECD member countries. The training program is designed for scientists charged with developing safety assessments for chemical manufacturers and distributors as well as for those charged with evaluating submitted assessments for new chemicals or those already used in commerce. Researchers on QSAR tools and database development may also find the courses useful.
As a collaboration with OECD in Paris and the Laboratory of Mathematical Chemistry in Bourgas who are creating the QSAR Application Toolbox, the International QSAR Foundation is coordinating formal classroom training workshops on the use of the Toolbox. The Toolbox provides the cability to:
- make estimates of the relevant assessment endpoints for single chemicals, linked to the CAS number or the chemical structure.
- identify chemical categories for a chemical and analogues, together with their experimental, or estimated environmental, toxic or health effects.
- obtain estimates for metabolite activation/detoxification information for the chemical.
- report summary information on the validation processes and results of QSAR models for use in various regulatory purposes.

One of the lessons learned from the Toolbox training during the first three years is that participants coming to the classroom training would have benefitted from a short review of QSAR methods before coming to the classroom training. The Introduction to QSAR Methods is an online course which will provide a general introduction for chemists, biologists and toxicologists to the principles of QSAR and provide examples for filling data gaps using QSAR models and other estimation methods.
This course is under construction, and only the slides used to introduce the OECD QSAR Application Toolbox are provided at this time. A more formal online programme will be available in September 2009.